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Welcome to Shopping Center Strategies LLC, where we are constantly looking for locations and hiring.

Our strip mall buy box is: Commercial strip centers between 10 Million and 50 Million in size with 16 or more tenants. Many of our properties are purchased with creative financing, partnerships and some are cash. Typically we look for B properties in A areas to maximize growth in cities with 40k or greater or is in a destination geography.

We buy apartments, hotels, motels, empty land and homes around our properties. Around our properties their is a great need for tenant and employee housing as well as customer visits to the property through hotels, motels and AirBNB or short term rentals. We do creative financing, partnerships and pay cash. The decision to buy is either location to the property and its ability to cash flow.

We also partner with and buy local businesses that service our properties. If you service our properties or service the local community and are looking to sell, please contact us, we would love the opportunity to partner or buy your business.

Join us in reimagining the future if you want to partner with us, or invest in themed destination locations that captivate visitors and drive economic growth, or homes, hotels and apartments. Shopping Center Strategies LLC may be right fit for you.

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