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We bring MASSIVE value to our customers though daily education as well as bring a big picture to your table. We put them on a daily schedule of learning so whole organization grows rapidly to handle new possibilities they did not know about. When every element inside the company grows, the entire organization massively grows. This the the value of the educational elements: 10X, GoGiver, Profit First, and more.

MARKETING, from creating and using tools for a brand strategy, online and social media management, email marketing, sales offers, reputation management, CRM, sales team management, merged one online an physical presence, flow process, conversion process, retention process, entry-exit feedback, on-boarding marketing process. All these things being easily duplicated from on property to a new property. Giving target marketing analysis, brand house & marketing data stream, and sales strategy.

FINANCE, creating and using tools for tracking, rent collection, notices, cams, taxes and utilities, service calls & jobs, scheduling capital expenses. He help with financial planning, budgeting, recurring reporting methods, operating metrics, performance metrics, accounting quality factors, reporting quality factors, incentive planning, business evaluation methods. Giving a clear 10 year modeling, financial strategy and financial overview.

OPERATIONS, creating and using tools for expansion planning, strategic planning, scaling preparation, breakpoint identification, market opportunity, financial health, technology infrastructure, process documentation, best practices duplication, accountability standards, operational structure. Giving a clear data & infrastructure, results from products and services, and competitor analysis.

LEADERSHIP, creating and using tools to for people development and alignment. Help generate mission, vision and core values, goal alignment, personal professional & financial goals, performance management, cultural alignment, communication strategy, hiring process, on-boarding planning, talent management modeling, transaction planning, leadership training, and education planning.

Join us in reimagining the future of retail and hospitality by learning how to learn massively. At Shopping Center Strategies, we're not just advising on building things; we're showing how to build value within your business and the local communities and enhancing success for tenants.


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